Loc Start- In Depth, The Rare Essence Way

Where to Start: 

1st:  We recommend a thorough consultation to assess your hair to ensure its capability to begin the process. 

2nd: It is essential to discuss lifestyle and daily habits such as internal heath, hydration and level of physical activity, all of which can contribute to your process

3rd: If the hair is in condition to begin, we would either start your locs by way of comb twist (2-3 inches of hair) or two strand twists (4 inches or longer). 

4th: Once install is complete, we recommend your first re-twist visit to be 3 weeks later


What to do in-between install and first visit: 


Your hair will be carefully shampooed at your first re-twist visit (3 weeks from install) 

2.  Drink up to 1 gal of water per day for proper hydration 

3. Products: 

– Rose water (hydration)

– My gel (basic touch up, don’t apply too much) 

– Hair oil: minimal oils (avocado, grape seed or stylist recommended oils) 

4. Keep locs covered when home to prevent lent build-up using either a bonnet or 

      Du-rag in the beginning stages, however, be sure not to secure the mechanism

      on top of the locs as It could create demarcation lines 


 10 Do’s and Don’ts: 

1. Tell your locs you love them EVERY SINGLE DAY

2. You can mist hair hair but not saturate hair until significant resistance

3. What you feed your body, physically and spiritually, will impact your hair

4. No intricate styling or closed pins until locs have gained a significant amount 

      resistance to avoid demarcation or breakage

5. Trust the process & try not to compare your journey

6. No trimming locs ( All the hairs will come together over time) 

7. Document your journey so you can see how much you & your hair have grown

8. No coloring locs once they are in process as the chemicals can soften the hair 

      and impede the locking process  

9. No creamy product, including conditioner 

      (not water soluble and will create build-up in locs) 

10. Encourage someone else on their journey!