The History of Rare Essence

Rare Essence Studio was founded in 2006 by the renowned Essence China Farmer. She fought the state to not have a license to do natural hair and with the help of the Institute for Justice and the grace of God, she won, thus paving the way for countless stylists in the state to build a name and legacy for themselves.

Essence is not only a pioneer in the natural hair community through her mastery of hair care and artistry, but she also serves as a pioneer in leading the industry with her educational platform- Rare Essence Academy.

As a good steward does, through discipline and service, she passed on a legacy that aims to stand and serve the Arizona community for more decades to come.

Her successor, Adelaide began working at Rare Essence at the tender age of 15 and Essence took her under her wing and invested countless hours and opportunities to build her as a stylist, educator and now as an owner.

The legacy of transformation and servant leadership will not only continue at Rare Essence, but aim to exceed the task we’ve been blessed with.